Planning Report Regarding the Town of Weston's Application for a Proposed Dog Park on the Moore Property

We invite you to read and consider the following expert report prepared by Dr. Donald J. Poland, AICP SVP & Managing Director of Urban Planning, Goman + York Property Advisors, LLC, dated September 8, 2017, regarding the Town of Weston's application for a proposed Dog Park on the Moore Property. 

Crucial takeaways include that the dog park proposal:

  1. is at odds with Weston's Plan of Conservation and Development, 
  2. fails to meet the same standards the Town requires of other projects, and
  3. tries to justify a foregone conclusion (Moore property) without consistent and adequate criteria for evaluating all possible alternative sites.  

It also provides a road map of how the dog park proposal could have been - and could still be - better evaluated and explored. 

Download and read the report.