Planning Report Regarding the Town of Weston's Application for a Proposed Dog Park on the Moore Property

An expert report was prepared by Dr. Donald J. Poland, AICP SVP & Managing Director of Urban Planning, Goman + York Property Advisors, LLC. Findings include, the dog park is at odds with Weston's Plan of Conservation and Development, it fails to meet the same standards the Town requires of other projects, and tries to justify a foregone conclusion (Moore property) without consistent and adequate criteria for evaluating all possible alternative sites. 

Editorial: Wrong Time

Initially, the proposal to build a dog park in Weston seemed like a good one. But now is not the right time. There are too many uncertainties that should give this project pause. Severe fiscal crisis, maintenance, security and environmental concerns to consider at this time, it makes fiscal sense as well as common sense to table the dog park proposal for now.