Your Costs Will Include:

  • A 22-to-44 car parking lot

  • A 1280-ft-long driveway, cul-de-sac, and drainage

  • Removal of over 120 trees

  • Security, cleaning and ongoing maintenance...

Unless you VOTE NO on APRIL 4.

Dog Park at Moore Property:

Sample Construction Cost Projection*: $202,000+
Town of Weston’s Potential Participation: $118,500+

*This sample was calculated circa March 10 - see ABOVE for new cost projections and please note: 

Our sample estimate does not include soft costs or ongoing
operation costs to be added to budgets of Parks & Rec, Animal
Control, Public Works, and Police Dept.

PLUS: To date, Town has not disclosed how much it has already spent on the project’s development - despite our repeated requests.

Note: Previously cast absentee ballots will not be counted. You must vote in person at Weston Town Hall to have your vote count on APRIL 4. Voting hours: 6AM to 8PM.

So many questions go unanswered: 

Why does the Town of Weston need to fund a dog park when there is 2-acre zoning and numerous off-leash options minutes away? 

How much has the Town spent to date on the development and advocacy for this project?

Why would two of your Board of Selectmen vote to "adjourn" the Town Meeting on March 22nd so that the report and observations from the Saugatuck River Watershed Partnership could not be televised as part of said meeting - thereby preventing all those unable to attend from hearing critical information as to how this park will affect Weston's WATER AND WELLS?

Why would Weston fund a dog park when it does not have the money for security guards in its schools? 

Why would Weston fund a dog park, when sidewalks are needed to keep children safe when walking from school? 

Why can Weston spend $155,000+ on a dog park but not $10,000 on a tent for its high school graduate's commencement? 

Why exactly is town leadership blind to the realities of financial stewardship in this economic climate? 

Are residents 'fleeing Weston' in droves because there is no fenced dog park or because taxes are high and getting higher?

What is the Town's connection with the group proposing to spend your tax dollars?

Why won't the Town post this link with COST PROJECTIONS to the homepage section of the Town website devoted to the Dog Park?

What questions do you have for the Board of Selectmen?


IMPORTANT: Previously cast absentee ballots will not be counted. You must vote in person ON APRIL 4TH to have your vote count. 

*According to the latest MOU (which is still a DRAFT) posted on the Town of Weston website, the group known as “Weston Dog Park” is committed to funding the fence, limited site prep, 2-doggie bag dispensers and signage. By forcing a Vote, WDP has ensured that input from the Conservation Commission, Police Commission and Board of Finance will not be available to voters until after the vote.