As you complete the survey the Town is conducting as part of the Ten Year Plan of Conservation and Development, think back to why you and your family decided to settle here.

This survey is an opportunity for all of us - but particularly for concerned residents  like the supporters of Weston Priorities - to tell Town leaders what is truly important to the residents of Weston. Your answers to the survey questions and the thoughtful comments you provide may influence the Town’s direction and priorities for the next ten years or more.

It is not our intent to influence how you answer specific questions on the survey, but it is a good time for us to restate what it is that we stand for. We freely admit that Weston Priorities was started as a vehicle to educate residents about the ill-conceived, environmentally inappropriate and potentially budget-busting plans for a dog park at the Moore Property woodlands.   We are still committed to that. But, as we have learned more and more about how things work in Town - and our members have learned so much from this endeavor - we believe we have identified issues that get to the root of the most pressing matters facing this Town.

As a second generation Westonite once observed to a Weston Priorities supporter:  Weston is a great place to live, if you don’t have to pay attention to what is going on.

We say pay attention, speak up, and participate.  Use the survey to make sure your voice is heard so the things that make Weston such a treasure among Fairfield County communities is not just preserved but enhanced.


  • Conserving open space and ensuring that the essential character of Weston is preserved for future generations.

  • Adopting Planning and Zoning regulations that allow public and private development - at an appropriate scale and in appropriate locations - that respect community ideals and the rights of property owners.   In addition, applying those Planning and zoning regulations to Town projects and closing the door to the exemption of the Town from its own regulations, an exemption shared by just a handful of Towns in all of Connecticut.  (Look at the survey...Think that an ice-skating rink is a good idea? Under the current standards, it could be placed almost anywhere the Town wants to place it, with no assurances that residents would have a say.)

  • Enacting common-sense ordinances like a noise ordinance that, in the face of development pressures, will help preserve the peaceful and private environment that attracted so many of us to Weston in the first place.  

  • Enhancing Conservation regulations to broaden the current narrow purview of the Conservation Commission beyond wetlands and water courses to include tree loss and other environmental issues.

  • Ensuring a clean and safe water supply for your family, whether you use a well like most people or receive your water from the little-known public entity, the Weston Water Company.

  • Applying sound environmental management policies, including not just meeting all regulatory standards, but using best practices that are respectful of the environment and the health and well-being of all residents. When evaluating a course of action, employing experts who are qualified to offer guidance so that decisions are based on facts and science.

  • The continuation of our Board of Finance’s excellent record of budgetary oversight, holding back on unnecessary spending and maintaining our Town’s superior credit standing.

  • Inclusive and transparent leadership that not only solicits information or holds votes, but that listens and responds to the feedback of all Weston residents, not special interest groups that have the ear of Town leaders.